Marriage Involving A House, Car, Money, Or Book Deal? You Need A Pre-Nup!


There's still a stigma attached to getting a prenuptial agreement. Many people think that if you get a pre-nup, that it automatically signifies that you have doubts about the marriage. However, it is important to note that people can get divorced for all sorts of reasons, sometimes owing to the ways in which they will change over the course of their marriage. So no matter what asset may be at stake, be it a house, car, money, or even a book deal, you may need a pre-nup.

Pre-Nup Agreements and Intellectual Property 

The specific legal problems of those with intellectual property have rarely been on the public radar. However, this should not be overlooked. Those with pending royalties should consider getting prenuptial agreements. Authors, for example, will retain the intellectual property rights to their books in most publishing agreements. However, in the event of a divorce, some spouses may take the aforementioned intellectual property rights into account when they are working out their property settlements.

Some authors may end up losing a lot of the royalties from novels that they have written twenty years prior, which may still be popular titles. Actors, musicians, and artists may be in the same position. People should be sure to secure all of their property in advance, and that includes their intellectual property. 

Pre-Nup Agreements and Assets 

Dividing the balance of one's bank account is going to be relatively straightforward when it comes to a divorce. However, deciding who gets the house and the car may be significantly trickier.

It is possible that some divorce attorneys will encourage couples to settle disputes by encouraging them to sell their houses and cars. This allows them to divide everything fairly when the assets become liquid. However, many people have personal attachments to their houses and cars, and they wouldn't take this bargain even if it made things fairer.

People often lose their houses or cars in divorces, forcing them to get new vehicles or new homes. Establishing in advance who gets the house and who gets the car, or what will be done about either asset, is a better strategy. 

Getting a pre-nup agreement doesn't mean that your love isn't real. You shouldn't take it as a bad sign if your partner wants a pre-nup and vice versa. The two of you don't know what's going to happen down the line, and marriage has always had a financial aspect to it. Your family law attorney can help you with the logistics and the complicated emotions that will arise during this situation. 

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6 July 2015

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