Four Divorce Tips For Child-Free Women


Getting a divorce is stressful, even if there are no children or custody agreements to work out. Yet just because there aren't any children involved doesn't mean that your divorce is any easier. The following tips can help you navigate this difficult time. 

Tip #1: It's Okay to Hurt

As a child-free woman, you may hear comments like, "at least there are no children involved," from well-meaning friends and family. While these comments are meant to comfort and not minimize your feelings, they can still hurt. If possible, open up with a close friend or loved one about your feelings. Having at least one understanding person to confide in can help you maintain emotional equilibrium throughout the divorce.

Tip #2: Start a Safety Net Immediately

As soon as you suspect that divorce is imminent, begin protecting yourself. This means removing your spouse from your personal checking and savings account or setting up a new account in just your name. If you work, switch your direct deposit out of your spouse's name. The goal is to make sure you have some assets that your soon-to-be ex can't touch, just in case things don't go well.

Tip #3: Get Your Own Legal Counsel

It can be tempting to share a lawyer and save money since there are no custody battles to fight. Unfortunately, this means you don't have anyone working to ensure you get everything you deserve and that the property and assets are divided equally. Not all divorces turn ugly or require a long battle in court, especially if there are no custody issues. Usually, the bulk of the divorce is done on paper, with you, your ex, and your lawyers meeting to decide upon the division of everything. Your lawyer will speak up for you when necessary. This is especially helpful if past baggage makes it difficult for you to bargain with your ex.

Tip #4: You Deserve Alimony

Some women are hesitant about accepting alimony from their ex, perhaps seeing it as a hand-out or afraid that it means they are still under the control of the marriage. Many also think support payments are only for those with children. Think of alimony payments as a severance package, if it makes it easier to accept. You cooked, cleaned, did laundry, ran errands, and were the personal assistant and support staff for your ex throughout the marriage. Now you have to start over from scratch, perhaps with no income or a small income. Stay-at-home-wives deserve support payments when a marriage ends, and the right lawyer (such as one from Myers Law Firm LLC) can help ensure that you get the amount you deserve.


5 August 2015

planning for the struggles of kids and divorce

Are you going through a divorce? Do you have kids? If so, do you know how to handle the many struggles you will face when it comes to your kids? Even if you and your spouse can get through the divorce while agreeing on the custody arrangements, there will be struggles that you may not have planned for. For example, who will handle the educational, medical or other decisions about the kids? Is it something that you will decide together, or will one parent make the decision and the other one agree? My site contains several tips that can help you plan for the struggles you will go through in the future and make the situation a little easier for your entire family.