2 Common Adoption Mistakes And How To Avoid Them


Every year, millions of families in the U.S. open up their homes to kids through adoption. The process of adoption can be straightforward if you follow the right procedures and get help from a competent adoption agency, which can lead to placement and finalization going on smoothly and with minimal hassle.

Unfortunately, some couples make mistakes that complicate and slow down the process, resulting in enormous emotional distress and financial losses. Here is a look at 2 common mistakes and stumbling blocks to avoid while adopting a child so as to successfully circumvent some frustration in the process.

Failure to obtain relinquishment of parental rights

One of the most common mistakes couples make while adopting is underestimating the influence the biological father has on the process. When a mother wants to place her child for adoption, it is crucial that the biological father is kept in the loop. Make sure that the adoption agency you are working with has made reasonable attempts to contact and inform the biological father of the adoption, so as to prevent future problems such as the dismissal of the adoption. If one of the birthparents cannot be located, consult an adoption lawyer to help you legally acquire an involuntary termination of parental rights, which makes the child legally free for adoption.

This could prevent a scenario where the birthfather can return later and sues for custody, claiming that the child was placed for adoption without his consent. Working with a well-established adoption agency with experience in such issues could help simplify the procedure and ensure that both biological parents are kept involved in the process.

Not seeking professional help

The adoption process is complex, with a lot of paperwork and legal hurdles to navigate. No matter how desperate you are to adopt, never go at the process alone without the help of a qualified adoption lawyer who is conversant with adoption laws in your area. The lawyer can help you with reviewing and filling adoption documents, finding a licensed adoption agency and helping mitigate the chance of making legal mistakes or falling into scams.

The adoption process also requires that you attend court hearings for the relinquishment of parental rights of the birthparents and finalization of the process. Your lawyer can appear with you during all such adoption proceedings, giving you legal guidance representation and generally ensuring that the process goes on smoothly.

For more information, contact an adoption attorney in your area.


17 September 2015

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