How To Stay Safe During A Nasty Divorce When Your Ex Is Behaving Badly


If your impending divorce has your soon-to-be ex-spouse behaving badly, then there are some very specific steps that you should take to safeguard yourself and various aspects of your life.

Some of the most important things that you can do to stay safe during this trying time are to:

Safeguard Your Personal Safety 

If your ex-spouse has threatened your personal safety, then you need to do everything that you can to ensure that you are safe where you live. If this means that you need to pack up and move to an undisclosed location, then this is what you should do. It doesn't do any good to stay in your family home if you fear for your personal safety when you are home.

You can also utilize a security system, a dog, and even ask your local police department to keep an eye on your home if necessary.

Safeguard Your Online Safety

Since much of your life today is online, you should go through all of the websites that you use on a regular basis and change all of the passwords. This is very important if you feel like your ex-spouse may stalk you online to gain information that can be used against you during the divorce process. By changing all of your passwords, you keep your ex-spouse from using saved passwords on a shared computer to access your personal accounts online.

Safeguard Your Resources

Gather together all of the important papers that you have and place them somewhere safe that is located away from your primary residence. If your ex-spouse happens to gain entry into your home, then they will not be able to find any of your stored information. It is especially important to safeguard your financial information and to protect your assets from being drained before the courts can block the process.

Safeguard Your Legal Rights

During your divorce, your ex-spouse may try to threaten you into signing papers that give them more than their fair share of the marital assets or custody of the children. If you find yourself in this position, insist that your attorney needs to see all papers before you will ever agree to sign them. If you feel that you are going to be in additional danger by not signing the papers as requested, then you should contact your local police for assistance.

Seek Additional Help if Necessary

Finally, if you are the victim of a domestic abuse situation, you can contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline for further assistance and advice. Your divorce attorney (like those at Blumenauer Hackworth) can also advise you as to the assistance available to you through the family court system.


13 November 2015

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