Three Mistakes That Could Destroy Your Child Custody Case


Are you hurting your case for child custody? Don't answer no, too quickly. You might be surprised to learn that there are a number of seemingly innocent mistakes that many parents make that can have a devastating affect on their case for custody. Make certain you aren't falling victim to one of these costly mistakes.

Arguing With Your Spouse

If your child custody case is the result of a divorce, emotions are probably high. Don't let your emotions take control and cause you to constantly argue with your ex – especially in front of your children.

Even though your aggression isn't focused towards your children, in the eyes of the court, any type of environment where there is aggression or abuse is not suitable for children. Consequently, your quarrel with your ex could cause you to lose your custody rights. If you feel an argument coming up, it's best to walk away.

Falling Behind On Financial Agreements

If you and the other parent have entered into a financial agreement, make certain you are meeting your obligation. This is true even if it's not court ordered. If any portion of this agreement is supposed to cover costs associated with caring for your children, a missed payment is trouble.

A missed payment could be perceived by the court as a lack of concern for the wellbeing of your children, which isn't exactly the type of attribute that will help you win custody. Don't withhold payments in an effort to get back at the other parent as you will only make matters worse.  

Bad Mouthing The Other Parent

Unless there is abuse taking place, keep your negative feelings concerning the other parent to yourself. Don't discuss them with shared friends, relatives and most importantly, your children. The goal of the courts is to ensure that both parents play a vital role in the children's lives.

When you talk poorly about a parent to children this is often considered an attempt of alienation of affection. In child custody cases, this is basically the effort of one parent to cause a child to unjustly reject or dislike the other parent. Since the overall goal is joint parent involvement, you will only be hurting yourself.  

When it comes to avoiding case-destroying mistakes, rely on your family law attorney. Speaking with your attorney about any concerns you have can help ensure you are on target for a successful custody case.


29 April 2016

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