Emphasize These Details About Your Housing Situation In A Child Custody Discussion


If you're seeking custody of your children, you need to make the court aware that you have a better housing situation than your soon-to-be former spouse. Although a judge will evaluate a wide range of factors when deciding which parent will get custody, housing is an important topic. Children need a place that gives them an adequate amount of shelter, while also providing safety and a good location. Evaluate the housing that you'll be able to offer your children, and then share the following information with your child custody attorney. In court, your attorney will use these details to help advance your case.

Square Footage

The square footage of a house can play a role in determining whether it's appropriate for your children. Carefully calculate your square footage. If you've just bought the home, which can often be the case as you go through divorce proceedings, the square footage will commonly be included on the real estate listings. Alternatively, you can consult your real estate agent. A judge knows that more square footage in a home gives the children a spacious and non-confined living environment, which can be favorable.

Individual Bedrooms

It's also ideal if you can provide your children with their own bedrooms. Unless they're extremely young, children often benefit from having their own space, and if you can paint a picture of what you'll be giving your kids in terms of their own rooms, this can be favorable in court. For example, even if you and your spouse have roughly the same square footage, but your spouse plans to have the children sharing a bedroom and you have separate bedrooms for them, your setup can be more favorable.

Yard Space

Don't shy away from also giving details about your yard. A child-friendly yard can further help to convince a judge that your house will be a better fit for your children. Provide the square footage of the yard, whether it's fenced, and what amenities it has. For example, saying that you have a yard that is 500 square feet, has a new wooden fence around its perimeter, and a play structure in one corner can be a feature that a judge isn't going to ignore before he or she rules on custody. By offering these details to your attorney, he or she will include them in the court proceedings and increase your probability of getting custody of your children.

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6 July 2018

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