Correcting Four Social Security Disability Notions


Without the income provided by disability benefits, many individuals will find that they are completely unable to work, and this can lead to them being unable to meet their most basic financial needs.

Myth: Disability Benefits Are Only Awarded To Institutionalized Individuals

While disability benefits are designed for those that are unable to support themselves, this can lead to some people assuming that this only applies to those that are institutionalized or that require assisted living. Yet, there are many people that may be functional enough to live on their own while unable to endure the physical demands of working.

Myth: A Rejection For Your Disability Benefits Application Will Be Permanent

After going through the lengthy application process for disability benefits, you may find that your claim is initially denied. There is an almost countless number of issues that could lead to an application being denied, and these issues can range from simple paperwork mistakes to the condition failing to meet the disability threshold. This experience can be extremely discouraging, but it may not be the end of the process. Individuals that have had their applications denied might be able to either appeal the denial or reapply. Appealing this denial can be stressful due to the stakes at play, but it can be the only option for continuing to fight for these benefits.

Myth: It Is Difficult For Individuals With Disability Benefits To Obtain Insurance

Individuals that suffer from medical problems that are severe enough to allow them to qualify for disability benefits will likely require ongoing care. Unfortunately, some people assume that they will have no options for insurance if they get approved for disability as they will have strict require limitations that must be followed to continue receiving benefits. To account for this, individuals that are approved for disability benefits will also be eligible for medical assistance so that they will be able to continue revising their care.

Myth: An Attorney Is Not Needed If You Are Truthful On Your Application

Some people assume that being truthful about their condition is all that is needed. However, it should be noted that individuals that are untruthful can face automatic disqualification, and they may also face perjury or fraud charges. Unfortunately, the questions and procedures involved with applying for disability can be extremely complicated. For example, individuals may find that they are asked questions that involve terminology that they may not fully understand. A social security attorney will be able to help you during this process to make sure that you understand everything that is occurring.


12 September 2018

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