Can You Control The Events While Your Former Spouse Has Custody?


Custody negotiations are one of the most emotional and difficult parts of getting a divorce. Many parents have not spent days away from their children, and now have to adjust to being away from them for days at a time. You have every right to feel worried, even if your child is with his or her other parent. Here are some things to keep in mind when you deal with the feelings of your child being out of your custody and with the other parent:

Is Your Child Receiving Proper Care?

One major concern you may have is whether or not your child is getting adequate care with your former spouse. What you need to think about is your personal definition of proper care. You have to remember that your version of care and that of the other parent may differ somewhat.

When it comes to the care of your child, it is the parent's responsibility to make sure the child's physical and emotional needs are appropriately met. At a minimum, the child should have a loving, happy living environment that is safe for the child. The atmosphere should be calm and happy with no disparagement toward anyone, particularly the child's other parent. The child should be properly fed and clothed.

Other than that, each parent can only add to their version of proper care for the child. You may not agree with some of the things your former spouse does with your children, but you have to remember that as long as the activities are safe and not harming your child, you cannot control what the other parent does with his or her own child during custody.

Can You Control What Happens in the Home of Your Former Spouse?

You do not have any say in how your former spouse raises your child during his or her custody time, particularly for the more mundane activities. Minor disciplinary issues or the food your child eats, for instance, are at the discretion of the parent who has custody at the time. This is not to include if your child has a medically approved diet or is allergic to certain foods. However, as long as the child is eating a proper diet, is well-behaved, is properly dressed for the current weather conditions, and is overall happy, you cannot control your former spouse's actions with his or her children.

If you have any specific concerns or have reason to believe your child is not receiving proper basic care while in the custody of your former spouse, you need to contact your attorney right away. You may be able to gain temporary full custody until the issues are worked out. Only do this if you can prove your concerns to a judge.

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7 November 2019

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