Felony Lawyers And DUI Charges


If you are facing a DUI charge, you may be facing a felony. Felony lawyers understand that you need a strong defense strategy when you are fighting your charges. It is only with a strong strategy that you will successfully fight off a felony.

Are you trying to fight a felony DUI? These are some of the strategies you and your attorney might employ.

You Can Argue The Officer Stopped You Illegally

One of the ways in which people fight felony DUI charges is that they argue that a police officer had no legal right to stop you in the first place. Some facts must be present for an officer to stop you, such as a pattern of poor driving or the infraction of a traffic law.

You Can Argue The Lack of Probable Cause

Once you are stopped, the officer has to have probable cause that a crime was committed in order to arrest you. This means that they need to have some information demonstrating that you were intoxicated. This probable cause could stem from blood alcohol test results, signs of intoxication personally witnessed and noted by the officer, or field sobriety test performance.

You Can Argue There Is Reasonable Doubt

During the trial, it is the role of your felony lawyer to represent you against allegations you were driving while intoxicated. It is the duty of the prosecutor to prove that you met the standards of driving while intoxicated, and your attorney will do everything possible to knock down these types of allegations. Perhaps there was another reason why you swerved or had bloodshot eyes, for instance.

Part of this might involve bringing up the unreliability of field sobriety tests. Field sobriety tests are not always the most accurate, and they can be somewhat subjective based on the officer's perspective. Plus, anxiety and stress can impact one's performance during these tests.

Reasonable doubt can also come from the potential for inaccurate blood and breathalyzer test results. These results can be skewed by user error and even medical conditions, including diabetes. Certain diets can even present an incorrect blood alcohol content reading.

Hire A Felony Lawyer

A felony lawyer can help you through felony charges, including those related to a DUI charge. Your attorney will help you fight unfair charges and ensure that you have a defense strategy that helps you avoid severe consequences for something you did not do. Contact a felony lawyer for more information. 


3 November 2020

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