Divorce Attorney: 3 Critical Things You Should Include In Your Divorce Settlement


Those who have experienced a divorce process know how stressful it can be. But no matter how arduous it might be, ensure you remain more focused on a fair settlement. Several factors usually determine the kind of divorce settlement you will get, and you shouldn't be ignorant about it. A marital settlement agreement is among the detailed and comprehensive written documents you sign during the divorce. But before you sign it, you need to understand the terms of your divorce. According to most divorce attorneys, here are three vital things you should include in your divorce settlement.

A House-Sale Plan

The marital home is, in most cases, sold after the divorce process. In this case, the settlement should include a fair house-sale plan. The plan indicates when the home will be sold, the acceptable offer, and how much each of you will get. Without a comprehensive plan, one party will likely be unfair to the other, and the sale process may not be smooth. If your spouse opts to retain your home, you need to agree on the type of deed that will be exchanged or the kind of compensation you will get. If the spouse needs to refinance the home, specify the timeframe within which they should do it. Usually, it's always advisable to involve a divorce attorney so the process can be fair and smooth.

Support Specifics

In most cases, child support and sometimes alimony are quite inevitable when divorcing. So it's important to highlight all your support specifics in your settlement agreement. And because it's hard to properly navigate through the support provisions yourself, it's good to look for a divorce attorney to help you. They help you understand your obligations to ensure you get all the support you need. Usually, income details are required when deciding the kind of child support you will get. On alimony, give the correct details of the amount you expect, pay date, and the period it should be paid. The settlement should also highlight when alimony should be terminated. For instance, you may need to termite it when the spouse receiving support remarries or when either of you dies.

A Parenting Schedule

When divorcing, you need to come up with a detailed parenting schedule to avoid problems later. Some couples assume they don't need it, perhaps because they can reasonably work together. And although it makes some sense, it's could also be risky in other ways. So ensure you outline a parenting schedule before divorcing. The schedule should outline the share each of you will contribute towards parenting. It also helps you know who will stay with the kids on which holiday and for how long. If you don't have a detailed schedule, you will experience parenting-time disputes. To learn more about divorce settlement, reach out to a company such as Budget Divorce Center.


6 January 2022

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