A Family Law Attorney Can Help With Complicated Families


While it is common to contact a lawyer if you are arrested or have been in some type of accident, many people feel that family problems are should be handled by family members only. However, there are times when it would be a good idea to contact a family law attorney just to ensure that everyone understands everything and are on the same page. While it may seem a bit uncomfortable airing personal matters with a stranger, here are a few times you may want to do it anyway.

16 August 2022

Your Divorce Trial: Is Discovery Necessary?


Discovery is a trial preparation practice that comes right before the beginning of many types of cases. However, it is not as common in divorce cases. Read on and find out more about this practice and whether you can expect your own divorce case to involve discovery procedures. How Divorces Get Settled Discovery during a divorce procedure is a signal that the couple has not been able to work out all the disagreements and therefore, a trial is in their future.

18 May 2022

Divorce Attorney: 3 Critical Things You Should Include In Your Divorce Settlement


Those who have experienced a divorce process know how stressful it can be. But no matter how arduous it might be, ensure you remain more focused on a fair settlement. Several factors usually determine the kind of divorce settlement you will get, and you shouldn't be ignorant about it. A marital settlement agreement is among the detailed and comprehensive written documents you sign during the divorce. But before you sign it, you need to understand the terms of your divorce.

6 January 2022

When Did Your Marriage End?


Most marriages end not suddenly, but gradually. However, as far as the law sees things, the exact date you and your spouse parted ways is important. To find out why, read on to learn more about the date of separation, or the DOS. When Was Your Date of Separation? It can be difficult to pin down a single day when parties about to divorce actually call it quits. Whenever you are no longer living under one roof can easily become your DOS.

26 July 2021

3 Benefits Of Using Divorce Mediation Services


The process of getting divorced involves much more than simply signing divorce papers indicating that you no longer wish to be married to your spouse. Ending a marriage also means the need to separate marital property and debts, determining if spousal or child support payments are required, and settling issues of child custody and visitation. It is these issues that often cause problems in a divorce case, even when both parties are in agreement regarding the need for a divorce.

17 May 2021

Divorce Guide For Same-Sex Couples


Marriage between same-sex couples is legally allowed in all parts of the U.S., thanks to the monumental Supreme Court ruling of 2015. Before the ruling, only 38% of same-sex cohabiting couples were married, compared to 61% in 2017. The divorce process for same-sex couples is, however, not as straightforward as that of heterosexual couples. Discussed below are some sticking points for same-sex divorce below:  Duration of the Partnership Although gay marriage was legalized nationwide in 2015, some couples had been cohabiting for years.

20 January 2021

Felony Lawyers And DUI Charges


If you are facing a DUI charge, you may be facing a felony. Felony lawyers understand that you need a strong defense strategy when you are fighting your charges. It is only with a strong strategy that you will successfully fight off a felony. Are you trying to fight a felony DUI? These are some of the strategies you and your attorney might employ. You Can Argue The Officer Stopped You Illegally

3 November 2020

Making That Big Step Toward Financial Relief


Just the thought of bankruptcy can bring on stress, but thinking about it is exactly what filers have to do before they make the decision. You might find that filing brings a great sense of relief, however. You might even find out that just meeting with a bankruptcy lawyer makes you feel a lot better about your future. Read on and find out how to make sure you get as much as you can out of your first bankruptcy lawyer meeting.

22 May 2020

Can You Control The Events While Your Former Spouse Has Custody?


Custody negotiations are one of the most emotional and difficult parts of getting a divorce. Many parents have not spent days away from their children, and now have to adjust to being away from them for days at a time. You have every right to feel worried, even if your child is with his or her other parent. Here are some things to keep in mind when you deal with the feelings of your child being out of your custody and with the other parent:

7 November 2019

Are You Receiving Child Support? Three Things To Keep In Mind


Have you recently settled a divorce with your former spouse and now are owed child support due to the court judgement? If so, there are some things that you should keep in mind about how child support works so that you do not make mistakes along the way. Always Accept Payments In Dollars When you have expenses for a child, it can be very tempting to accept support payments in methods other than cash.

8 August 2019